Professional Development

Suffolk adheres to the College for Social Work’s Framework for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD is essential to ensure that social workers remain up-to-date with professional developments, and can adjust their practice in line with new evidence. The Framework recognises learning can, and does, take place in a range of different ways and circumstances. It is not always associated with a ‘course’ and the development need may be met through a range of different activities.

Outcomes of learning and career development routes are identified within the professional capabilities framework (PCF) which will act as a ‘scaffold’ to inform the CPD requirements of any individual social worker. It is used in conjunction with Performance development and supervision structures which help identify learning requirements to support the social worker in meeting organisational as well as personal and professional needs.

Social Workers in Suffolk will be supported by Suffolk County Council and expected to take professional responsibility for developing their skills to a high professional level, through undertaking learning and development activities over and above the core standards required for re-registration with HCPC.

Social Workers are expected to be proactive in identifying and meeting their individual professional needs. Learning activities will arise from everyday work, as well as any other requirements imposed by external circumstances or organisational needs.

A wide range of learning and development activities is promoted in Suffolk County Council. Space for critical reflection, learning from others and opportunities for access to research should be valued alongside more structured training.


What our Social Workers have to say...

Social Worker Seb Smith
Seb Smith

“Social Work is important because it gives people who are disenfranchised or marginalised more opportunity. Some people face greater challenge's than others when trying to live a rewarding and independent life, but social work can support them to achieve their goals.''

Social Worker Steph Weese
Steph Weese

“For me, every one of these customers and their families matters in their own right; there’s no small problem or big problem they are all important.”

Social Worker Leanne Clarke
Leanne Clarke

“The people I work with are generally facing a crisis in their life, a life changing event, a devastating diagnosis, loss of independence. If I can make things less stressful for them, support them through the processes, advocate for them where needed to help them to get the help they need, then I feel I am making a difference.”

Social Worker Victoria Rudkin
Victoria Rudkin

“There are lots of opportunities in Suffolk County Council and you are able to have a very diverse career and there are great promotion opportunities; there are a lot of pathways to take your career at Suffolk.”

Social Worker Phil Stamper
Phil Stamper

“Being a Social Worker is part of me. I enjoy working with people and am proud to be a Social Worker. It is a privilege to be involved in people’s lives and be welcomed to work alongside them.”

Social Worker Julia Rodwell
Julia Rodwell

“As a manager I give staff the opportunity to have their own career path, help them to develop, encourage them to take part in training and to also ensure that they have all the tools they need to do their job properly. It’s about a personalised approach to managing and supporting staff here.”