Meet the Team

What do the teams in Adult Services in Suffolk look like?

In Adult and Community Services (ACS), we work to 4 Areas covering the county of Suffolk: North, South, East and West, with offices based in the towns included on the map to the side of this page.

Our community Social Work teams (Clusters) are made up of Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and Independence and Wellbeing Practitioners, along with Business Support colleagues. Each team (aligned to its local GP surgeries) has its own Cluster Manager who in turn is supported by an experienced and established senior management team. There is an Area Manager covering each part of the county and additional support is provided by central Service/ Transformation Leads.

Senior Practitioners are employed within each of the 4 Areas and they cover operational practice and professional development, linking into the county Professional Advisors. An Allocation Lead ensures that workflow within each Area is effective and a Finance & Performance Manager completes the set-up, working with the teams to ensure that the budgets are on track. We are led by our Assistant Director who reports to the Director for ACS.

Our Clusters are split up as follows:

Adult Social Care is rapidly changing in Suffolk. We are continuing our exciting journey of change. Our Neighbourhood Teams work very closely with a range of organisations to support our customers to live healthier, longer lives, promoting independence and wellbeing, whilst delivering personalised services in partnership with them.

You will be managing a case load and will be part of a team where we take pride in our positive working relationships with our colleagues both externally and internally.

The Flexible Care and Support Teams (FCST) are newly formed, working closely with local Neighbourhood Teams and key health and community partners. These innovative teams will reflect local need and work flexibly across the locality to respond to emerging demand. Being a flexible team will mean that the exact nature of the activity will change from area to area and over time. Activities could include:

  • Support for customers with dementia
  • Support for Hospital to Home activity
  • Targeted and annual review activity
  • Flexing to support demand for assessments
  • Supporting new initiatives i.e. CHC assessments, Discharge to assess
  • Responding to provider failure

Are again specialist teams, working with people with a learning disability. These teams work very closely with Health colleagues where the Social Worker has a pivotal role. Social Workers may work with people with autism or challenging behaviour and people who have a number of complex health problems on top of their learning disability. They may work with young people who are becoming adults and needing support to build on their independence. This area of work is both interesting and complex and a real opportunity to specialise.

Adult Social Care is rapidly changing in Suffolk. We are continuing our exciting journey of change. Ipswich and West Suffolk Hospital Teams work very closely with our health colleagues to support our customers to live healthier, longer lives, promoting independence and wellbeing, whilst delivering personalised services in partnership with them.

We are looking for experienced and motivated people who will enjoy working in an acute hospital setting. You will join an enthusiastic, friendly and well-established team.

You will be managing a case load and working closely with Health colleagues in the assessment process to achieve timely discharges in line with the Care Act. You will work within a multi-disciplinary work environment, where we take pride in our positive working relationships with our colleagues both externally and internally.

The Independence and Wellbeing Service sits at the sharp end of service delivery and is focused on working with people to maintain their independence by drawing on their strengths, personal networks and local community assets. The team help keep people safe and by intervening early, help reduce, prevent and delay demand for services. The team work in an agile way, responding flexibly to competing needs and constantly prioritising workloads. The IWS work closely with our social care contact centre, providing specialist advice and guidance at the earliest stages of the customer journey and supporting the team to promote opportunities for independence. The IWS maintains a good balance of both qualified and unqualified staff, providing opportunities to develop in a range of different specialisms.

The new Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism Service within ACS brings social care operational delivery and service development under one management structure, creating stronger links and opportunities for integration and improved outcomes for people. This service area is one of SCC’s corporate transformation programmes and provides an exciting opportunity for people working within it to make a huge difference. The leadership team within the service is experienced, transformational and inclusive, with a strong foundation of co-production. The teams within the structure are motivated to steer the service in the right direction for the people of Suffolk. We have vacancies in the following teams:

Learning Disabilities and Autism

The new LD and Autism teams, working closely with Service Development colleagues, the Review and Audit Team, the Complex Case team and partner agencies, are pivotal to the successful delivery of services to people with learning disabilities and autism. A corporate transformation programme is underway to transform this service area, taking a more personalised approach to helping people to live their lives and a number of projects are underway including the development and implementation of a new operational practice model, Signs of Safety and Wellbeing and Integrated working between ACS and Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) social work teams.

Review and Audit

A new Review and Audit team has been established in the Learning Disability and Autism part of our service area. This is a joint Operations and Service Development Team with close links to our Direct Payments and Legal teams. The team will initiate a comprehensive and innovative approach to conducting reviews with service users in our Learning Disability and Autism Service, working closely with our existing Learning Disability and Autism Teams, our new Complex Case Team and colleagues in Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT). The team will ensure services are delivering the support that customers need to live good, ordinary lives and that they are delivered in the most efficient and effective way. The funding for this team's work is for a two-year period, however the frontline roles within the team are being recruited to on a permanent basis. After two years the posts could be re-deployed to anywhere in ACS.

Access and Assessment

The Access and Assessment Team in Ipswich is the first point of contact for all referrals coming onto NSFT. Social Workers are responsible for triaging and assessing new referrals coming into the team and making quick but sound decisions based on information presented. Working as part of a busy but supportive multi-disciplinary team in carrying out these duties and linking closely with the Integrated Delivery Teams (IDT) to support the seamless transition for service users who require ongoing treatment and support interventions. Applicants for this role require recent, relevant experience of working with individuals with mental ill health and the skills, knowledge and confidence to make decisions based around risk management in a challenging and fast paced environment.

Complex Case

A new Complex Case team is being established in the Learning Disability and Autism part of our Service Area. This team will initiate a comprehensive approach to reviews including out of County reviews and working with our most complex

Consists of Adult Protection Teams and a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub which is the front door of the service. Led by the Head of Adult Safeguarding, our Adult Protection Teams (APT) are made up of Community Care Practitioners, Social Workers, Senior Practitioners and experienced Safeguarding Managers, along with Business Support staff. Referrals are made into the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), and then dedicated specialist APT staff determine the indicative risk level of the concern and share appropriate information with colleagues such as the Police and Health; High and medium risk investigations are allocated within the area APTs which are situated within the four geographical areas within Suffolk.  Lower level investigations and those which have an allocated social worker are managed by the Cluster Teams. Throughout our safeguarding interventions we are committed in Making Safeguarding Personal placing the individual at the centre of decision making.

Managed by a Safeguarding Manager, the Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Safeguards Team consists of dedicated Best Interest Assessors (BIA), specialist Co-Ordinators and Business Support staff who work alongside the Cluster Teams responding to the DoLS applications as well as offer advice on matters regarding Mental Capacity.

The team is led by the Assistant Director for Personalisation, Quality and Safeguarding who reports to the Director for ACS.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLS)

The DOLS Team offer support to staff working in care homes, hospitals, health and social care, as well as individuals who require the protection of the DoLS and their representatives and advocates. We do this by processing referrals and commissioning specialist assessments, by being an information resource and by freely sharing this knowledge. The team is committed to providing a quality, person-centred service which protects, empowers and supports an individuals’ right to choice, liberty and security.

What our Social Workers have to say...

Social Worker Phil Stamper
Phil Stamper

“Being a Social Worker is part of me. I enjoy working with people and am proud to be a Social Worker. It is a privilege to be involved in people’s lives and be welcomed to work alongside them.”

Social Worker Seb Smith
Seb Smith

“Social Work is important because it gives people who are disenfranchised or marginalised more opportunity. Some people face greater challenge's than others when trying to live a rewarding and independent life, but social work can support them to achieve their goals.''

Social Worker Julia Rodwell
Julia Rodwell

“As a manager I give staff the opportunity to have their own career path, help them to develop, encourage them to take part in training and to also ensure that they have all the tools they need to do their job properly. It’s about a personalised approach to managing and supporting staff here.”

Social Worker Steph Weese
Steph Weese

“For me, every one of these customers and their families matters in their own right; there’s no small problem or big problem they are all important.”

Social Worker Victoria Rudkin
Victoria Rudkin

“There are lots of opportunities in Suffolk County Council and you are able to have a very diverse career and there are great promotion opportunities; there are a lot of pathways to take your career at Suffolk.”

Social Worker Leanne Clarke
Leanne Clarke

“The people I work with are generally facing a crisis in their life, a life changing event, a devastating diagnosis, loss of independence. If I can make things less stressful for them, support them through the processes, advocate for them where needed to help them to get the help they need, then I feel I am making a difference.”