Once I am qualified

What support is available in Suffolk as a newly qualified Social Worker?

We are proud of the programme of support that we provide to our newly qualified Social Workers in their first year of practice. The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) is for registered Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) in both Children’s and Adults’ services, which is introducing the recent Knowledge and Skills Statements from the Department for Education and Skills for Care. It is aligned with induction, probation and performance management processes but does not replace it. 

ASYE year begins the date when Social Workers are HCPC registered. This also enables Work Force Development to enrol the Social Worker with either the Department for Education or Skills for Care for the ASYE year.  There is a programme of support developed right from the outset including:

  • Reflective supervision – Weekly for first six weeks of employment, then at least fortnightly for the remainder of the first six months, and a minimum of monthly thereafter;
  • Workload – normally over the course of the year 90% of what is expected of a confident social worker in the same role in their second or third year of employment, weighted over the course of the year by things such as case complexity, risk and growing proficiency; 
  • Personal development progression plan – will be reviewed at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months with the Assessor/Supervisor and NQSW and linked to the Professional Capability Framework.
  • Protected time for personal development, equates to 10% over the year (for example 10% of 37hr week = 3.7hrs each week). This will be pro rata for Part Time NQSWs. Use flexibly to meet personal development and service need. This to be discussed with supervisor and entered into Learning Agreement.
  • Monthly ASYE professional development and support groups based around the County which Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW) are required to attend.  
  • Newly Qualified Social Workers are encouraged and supported to continue with their professional development once in post. 


What our Social Workers have to say...

Social Worker Tunde Oyeniyi
Tunde Oyeniyi

“I have been at Suffolk County Council almost 7 years and been ABE trained, completed a post qualifying specialist award in children and families with the University of East Anglia and have my Practice Educator award.”

Social Worker Leon Gillings
Leon Gillings

“I chose social work because I liked the idea how helping people whilst also being accredited as a professional. I wanted a career that was meaningful, full of challenge and diversity and that I could be proud to be a part of.”

Social Worker Jade McMurray
Jade McMurray

“There’s nothing better than when you’ve been able to make those changes and support a family along their journey and to have such a positive outcome, when you’re able to step back and let them do it for themselves.”

Social Worker Victoria Morphew
Victoria Morphew

“Working in Suffolk County Council you cross paths with lots of other professionals; everyone is really friendly and all want to build really good working relationships. You have a great network of contacts and support here.”

Social Worker Charnine De'ath
Charnine De'ath

“Our role is about getting people to see that there is something better out there for them and their children and that they are able to make the positive changes for themselves with the support of us and their family & friends - We empower families and give them the confidence to make changes”

Social Worker Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson

"I am proud to be a Social Worker in Suffolk, making a real difference to Children and their families lives."