Innovation in Practice

Positive Choices

Focusses on women who have suffered the trauma of more than one child being removed from their care and offers them a different perspective and choice.


This is a different initiative as the focus is adults, with the targeted outcome being to prevent those pregnancies, which may lead to children requiring alternative care. University of Essex has worked alongside Suffolk CYPS, undertaking research and offering strategies to further develop on proven positive outcomes.  This has received interest from other local authorities who are following the model with our assistance.

Make a Change Team (MaC)

Oversee the response of social work teams to child exploitation.  This includes child sexual exploitation, missing from home or care, being involved with drug running/gangs, trafficking, radicalisation. Within the Innovation Programme, the team joined Barnardos in delivering services to those at risk of, or suffered Female Genital Mutilation.

MaC has responsibility to ensure all teams provide consistent assessments of all forms of exploitation. An overarching view of practice enables them to intervene and address any gaps and support social workers in direct work with young people at highest risk of exploitation. Workers offer continuity where perseverance may assist in a disclosure.

The team work alongside other agencies to provide a multi-agency approach, examples include: Tactical and Tasking Co-ordination Group focussing on those most vulnerable due to being missing and the Vulnerable to Radicalisation Panel who intervene with young people involved with extremism.

What our Social Workers have to say...

Social Worker Tunde Oyeniyi
Tunde Oyeniyi

“I have been at Suffolk County Council almost 7 years and been ABE trained, completed a post qualifying specialist award in children and families with the University of East Anglia and have my Practice Educator award.”

Social Worker Victoria Morphew
Victoria Morphew

“Working in Suffolk County Council you cross paths with lots of other professionals; everyone is really friendly and all want to build really good working relationships. You have a great network of contacts and support here.”

Social Worker Jade McMurray
Jade McMurray

“There’s nothing better than when you’ve been able to make those changes and support a family along their journey and to have such a positive outcome, when you’re able to step back and let them do it for themselves.”

Social Worker Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson

"I am proud to be a Social Worker in Suffolk, making a real difference to Children and their families lives."

Social Worker Charnine De'ath
Charnine De'ath

“Our role is about getting people to see that there is something better out there for them and their children and that they are able to make the positive changes for themselves with the support of us and their family & friends - We empower families and give them the confidence to make changes”

Social Worker Leon Gillings
Leon Gillings

“I chose social work because I liked the idea how helping people whilst also being accredited as a professional. I wanted a career that was meaningful, full of challenge and diversity and that I could be proud to be a part of.”