Teaching Partnership

Leading higher standards in training and support for professional practice

We are excited to have been awarded over £1million to launch a new Teaching Partnership from the Minister of Education with Norfolk County Council, the University of East Anglia and the University of Suffolk.

Not only will this Partnership develop integrated systems for professional development and learning across our operational and educational institutions. It will also increase involvement of front line practitioners and managers in admissions, curriculum   design and teaching - achieved through a genuinely collaborative approach where social work teaching and practice is informed by sound academic research; where academics are in touch with local practice; and where the social work workforce places a key and active role in the development and delivery of social work education.

The partnership will equip social workers with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively and creatively with children, young people, families, and adults in a way that will have a measurable impact on improving outcomes and is important in developing, supporting, and retaining social workers in their highly critical role in Child Protection and Family Support Services.

What our Social Workers have to say...

Social Worker Victoria Morphew
Victoria Morphew

“Working in Suffolk County Council you cross paths with lots of other professionals; everyone is really friendly and all want to build really good working relationships. You have a great network of contacts and support here.”

Social Worker Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson

"I am proud to be a Social Worker in Suffolk, making a real difference to Children and their families lives."

Social Worker Tunde Oyeniyi
Tunde Oyeniyi

“I have been at Suffolk County Council almost 7 years and been ABE trained, completed a post qualifying specialist award in children and families with the University of East Anglia and have my Practice Educator award.”

Social Worker Charnine De'ath
Charnine De'ath

“Our role is about getting people to see that there is something better out there for them and their children and that they are able to make the positive changes for themselves with the support of us and their family & friends - We empower families and give them the confidence to make changes”

Social Worker Jade McMurray
Jade McMurray

“There’s nothing better than when you’ve been able to make those changes and support a family along their journey and to have such a positive outcome, when you’re able to step back and let them do it for themselves.”

Social Worker Leon Gillings
Leon Gillings

“I chose social work because I liked the idea how helping people whilst also being accredited as a professional. I wanted a career that was meaningful, full of challenge and diversity and that I could be proud to be a part of.”